Top 10 signs Emma Wiggle is being held against her will

If you look closely enough, there are many clues that indicate that Emma Wiggle is actually being held against her will in a remote prison.

Here are the top ten telltale signs:

1. In almost every shot she’s visibly barred in – the white gates in the garden, the pink striped wallpaper, the ballet bar in her dance studio, the dressing up privacy screen, the “picket fences”…?

2. Her constant use of disguises and costumes is clearly a result of her many failed attempts to escape.

3. Take your hands and make her famous bow sign. Your hands are crossed above your head. Congratulations, you’ve just surrendered. Your hands will be bound shortly.

4. Ever noticed how much she looks forward to her daily “time to dance to the garden”? Yard time can be so important for inmates. Her face lights up. She can almost taste freedom.

5. The distinctive yellow uniform, WITH PRISON STRIPES. Meanwhile, what kind of brutal, sadistic prison haircut could her red wig be there to cover up?

6. She stashes her valuables in her music box. Everyone knows that the one place you can safely stash your stuff while in prison is in your music box.

7. Trying to communicate with the outside world using sign language in a vain attempt to evade the surveillance of her captors.

You want to be… free like a bird?

8. Look at the decor in the “dance studio“. It screams 1980s correctional facility. Nothing says Cessnock Jail more than cork floors and pink walls.

9. She’s part of an Irish gang. Clear evidence they are engaged in a raging prison gang war, and occasionally she taunts the other prison gangs by wearing their national dress and singing their traditional songs.


10. The simplistic, repetitive “yellow bow bow, bowtiful car” segment is her recurring psychotic fever dream of life on the outside.

Good luck, Emma. I hope you escape soon. Thanks for all your [possibly forced] hard work.

Have you seen more telltale signs that Emma is being held captive? Or perhaps other children’s shows have aroused your suspicions. Comment below to raise the alarm. 🚨

(All the above images are screenshots from Emma, which you your kids can binge on the ABCKids app.)

Published by Victoria B

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