Exciting news!

Exciting stuff has been going on round here at Suburban Nerves! It’s been a while between posts, mostly because of COVID lockdown craziness, and also because I finallyyyy started my long-awaited doctoral studies a few days into lockdown.

But perhaps the most exciting news, writing wise, is that I recently signed an agency contract with Gaby Naher of Left Bank Literary Agency for my bushfire novel Burnt Out.

Burnt Out is a high-concept, comedic chick lit about a struggling, story-less author who loses everything in a devastating Blue Mountains bushfire and suddenly finds national fame and commercial success after her emotional tirade against politicians and the rich and powerful goes viral. But how much is she willing to morally compromise to maintain this success? Set in contemporary Sydney and the Blue Mountains, it takes inspiration from the recent bushfires that had my local community on edge for months.

I started writing Burnt Out during one of our many pre-emptive evacuations during Black Summer, that last big crisis before this current big crisis, which I documented in my viral memoir post The Summer Holidays that Never Were.

If you haven’t already, be sure to like my Facebook page and follow me over on Twitter, and obviously cross all your fingers and toes for me.

(Screen grab from Peep Show)

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