Review | Ballerina (Netflix) – Rated P for Patriarchy

I generally try to avoid showing my kids overly gendered, patriarchal rubbish in films and tv shows that are aimed towards little kids, particularly little girls. But then I came across this one. Summary: An otherwise promising film about a girl who pursues her interests, pushes back against bullies, works really hard, wins a fierceContinue reading “Review | Ballerina (Netflix) – Rated P for Patriarchy”

Uh, hands off my mummy wine.

It’s school holidays, so prepare yourself for an avalanche of experts expressing their concern about mothers drinking wine! A few days before holidays officially began, as I dragged my kids away from yet another kids carousel that I “didn’t have coins for” (they have PayPass now but I’ll never give in, NEVER!), I came acrossContinue reading “Uh, hands off my mummy wine.”

Bluey: the kids’ show we’ve been waiting for

I’ve always taken a keen interest in children’s programming. As an eight-year-old, I wrote a very sternly worded letter to the ABC’s Managing Director because they’d cancelled my beloved Victor & Hugo (can’t remember what the show was about exactly, but damn I cared…). Of course now that I’m three kids in and often finding myselfContinue reading “Bluey: the kids’ show we’ve been waiting for”

Review | ‘Like Father’ (or: How to make everyone enjoy watching an hour and a half long advertisement)

We’re entering a new and exciting age of filmmaking, in which prominent actors star in hour and a half long ads for large, multinational corporations, and we walk away feeling warm and fluffy inside and googling cruise prices.