Five Norwegian shows you can stream in Australia right nå

I’ve always been very proud of my Norwegian background, and lately I’ve been learning, speaking, cooking, reading and watching Norwegian whenever I can. I’m not much of a fan of Nordic Noir, so I’ve had to dig a little. Here are some of my favourites, all of which are available to watch in Australia atContinue reading “Five Norwegian shows you can stream in Australia right nå”

Bluey: the kids’ show we’ve been waiting for

I’ve always taken a keen interest in children’s programming. As an eight-year-old, I wrote a very sternly worded letter to the ABC’s Managing Director because they’d cancelled my beloved Victor & Hugo (can’t remember what the show was about exactly, but damn I cared…). Of course now that I’m three kids in and often finding myselfContinue reading “Bluey: the kids’ show we’ve been waiting for”

Review | ‘Like Father’ (or: How to make everyone enjoy watching an hour and a half long advertisement)

We’re entering a new and exciting age of filmmaking, in which prominent actors star in hour and a half long ads for large, multinational corporations, and we walk away feeling warm and fluffy inside and googling cruise prices.