Bushfires and the summer holidays that never were

Down the back, in a gently sloping part of our yard, sits our fairy tree, a magical grevillea adored by kids and fairy wrens alike. A “prize tree” my brother-in-law called it. It’s always been a bit wonky but that was part of its charm. We planted some seaside daisies next to it for theContinue reading “Bushfires and the summer holidays that never were”

Uh, hands off my mummy wine.

It’s school holidays, so prepare yourself for an avalanche of experts expressing their concern about mothers drinking wine! A few days before holidays officially began, as I dragged my kids away from yet another kids carousel that I “didn’t have coins for” (they have PayPass now but I’ll never give in, NEVER!), I came acrossContinue reading “Uh, hands off my mummy wine.”